William Penn Charter School

About William Penn Charter School

800px-Penn_CharterCommonly known as Penn Charter or simply “PC”,William Penn Charter School is an independent school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania founded in 1689,¬†at the urging of William Penn as the “Publick Grammar School” and chartered in 1698 to be¬†operated by the “Overseers of ye publick School, founded by Charter in ye towne & County of Philadelphia” in Pennsylvania. It is the oldest Quaker school in the world, the oldest elementary school in Pennsylvania, and the fifth oldest elementary school in the United States following The Collegiate School (1628), Boston Latin School (1635), Hartford Public High School (1638), and Roxbury Latin (1645).

Today, Penn Charter enrolls boys and girls in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. It is considered to be an exclusive private school in terms of admission criteria and is ranked among the top schools in the Philadelphia area.[1] According to Worth Magazine, Penn Charter ranks within the nation’s top 100 private and public schools that send the most students to